Pootle moving to a dedicated server next Monday/Tuesday - 1h to 2h downtime (and DNS propagation time)

Hi *,

It is planned to switch to a dedicated server provided by fsf.hu for
pootle after 3.4.1rc2 has been extracted. The planned date is next

You don't have to do anyhing, but wait :slight_smile:
On the new server, the current version of pootle and the
translate-toolkit is setup, and importing/conversting the data will
take around one hour to 90 minutes. During that time, pootle will be
taken offline.

If you don't agree with the schedule, go ahead and complain (and
suggest a better date)

While the VM pootle is running in has been running stable since the
last incident where VM did "freeze" (so probably it was a kernel bug
or bug in Virtualbox that was fixed in the meantime, who knows), the
dedicated server has enough RAM to hold the complete database in RAM,
and thus doesn't rely on the host's file-cache.
Note that creating the files for download is still CPU bound and thus
not affected by the amount of RAM.

We won't delete the VM right after moving, but we will disable it to
make sure people don't use it by accident because DNS change did not
propagate. If you notice any irregularities in the new instance,
please let us know ASAP, we can then hook the old VM up again. I don't
expect any problems though.

In order to check out/play with the new instance now, add translations.documentfoundation.org

to your /etc/hosts file
But don't do actual work in that instance, as *ALL CHANGES TO THE
INSTANCE ON WILL BE LOST* once the database content is
moved from the current server to the new one.