Plans for Writer Guides 6.4 & 7.0

I propose to publish Writer Guide 6.4 at the end of June, whether or not
all chapters have been reviewed twice. If anyone is actually working on
updating or reviewing a chapter, please try to have it done in plenty of
time. I am going through the unclaimed chapters as quickly as I can,
updating them ready for review.

I would like us to start updating WG to v7.0 in early July. Release
Candidate 1 is due out during the week of 29 June - 5 July. RC1 will be
name’s LO, not LO-Dev, so it should not pose a Lyn problem for screenshots.
We will then have one month before the planned release date.


Good grief, AutoCorrect had some fun with that note, typed on my phone! I
hope the meaning is clear. :blush: Jean

Hello Everybody,
I think I will do the same for Base Guide.
Pulkit Krishna

Hi Jean,

I'm sorry to inform you that I won't be able to work on the chapter which I
have marked with my name due to a few commitments but will surely resume
once I have a dedicated time again shortly.

Thank you :relaxed:

Kind regards