PeerTube as a backup media


Since Blender was blocked on YouTube due to advertisement issue:

Do we consider to build a PeerTube platform as a backup alternative media in case any strange thing happening to our YouTube channel? I know it takes much resources and bandwidth and I don't mean to leave YouTube right away; just in case.


I think the webtorrent swarm exposing IPs should be solved first:
P2P makes video hosting much more feasible, but unfortunately bittorrent is not built for privacy.

If you know talented JS devs, do send them in the direction of webtorrent so we will arrive in the future faster :slight_smile:


I have seen this type of thing with warranty support. I bought an item from a major online retailer, and a month later I needed support. The retailer told me to contact the maker.  Well, sending emails listed in the contact info and then only getting a voice message from their phone system, it got worse for me as my warranty time near ending.  THEN, I contacted the retailer and they tried.  They still were selling the maker's products, but not the one I was buying. Well the retailer never got any farther than I was, even with their support systems. I could not get a warranty repair while under warranty since I could not get them to reply to my contacting them.  It ended with the retailer refunding me everything except the extra warranty service I usually buy for my purchases.  They would only apply it to a new purchase.  Sorry. I still buy things from the retailer, but I will not buy from the maker's company and the retailer is not selling their products as well.

I know the Catch 22 idea is more of a joke, but it can be real to us and gives us grief, bad grief to many.

That is what it seems to me what happened to YouTube's system. Someone messed up and then "no one" could "figure out" how it happened or what to do about it. I think that is what was going on for so long.  Then the requirement for no-ad service requiring ads to be enabled is just that type of stupid thing that someone programmed into the system and cannot figure out where the "switch" issue is located.  Of course, if you are of a different mind, then you may think it was done on purpose. Are they going to remove the "no ad" service or are they making a change in it and caused this problem?  Either way, the users of their service are the losers.

SO, yes, look into an in-house place to have the LO related videos to be stored and accessed. That way if YouTube's service crashes, then you have a system in place.

For those items I cannot rebuild, like my collection of all my digital media I shot myself, or scanned in. I now have a storage desktop, which was my default one several years ago. I have three 2-TB internal drives, and three of the same in USB backup drives.  My digital media is actually stored on two different drives - each containing a complete copy of my photo and camcorder file folders.  Then these two copies are then backed up on 2 backup drives.  That way, there are 4 different copies and it should be safe unless there is a fire. I still need to buy a new drive that can be stored at a family member's place.  What I really should do is get a 6+ TB USB drive, and use it as a backup drive, and then take the original ones to rotate between in-house and off-site storage.

SO, I really have the idea you could lose your work in a split second. Mine did between shut down after backing up the new content of a storage drive, and the restart of the system to load more data to store. I lost everything, except for the backed up copies. I had one backup drive die while I was running the backup script, as well.  SO, I know how things can happen at the worst time. I also lost a "transfer drive" I used to copy stuff between the laptops/desktops and the storage system.  It had almost 1.5 TB of data die with the drive. Now, I do my best to buy replacements for my USB and internal drives, so each year I replace a number of them with new ones.

Maybe, you can plan on getting the resources to host all of the videos, twice.

Hi Franklin,

Do we consider to build a PeerTube platform as a backup alternative media

From what I heard PeerTube is very resource hungry and if more than

a circle of friends accesses material you don't want to host it on your
own servers..



From what I heard PeerTube is very resource hungry and if more than

a circle of friends accesses material you don't want to host it on your
own servers..

no hands-on experience here - for videos, I'm quite happy we don't have to provide all the server space and and bandwith ourselves as I can imagine it eats up quote some resources, but then, not everyone is happy with using YouTube and other services.

I'd leave the field open if anyone is interested in trying this out, but would not spend infra time on it for the moment maybe.