On project leads and formal roles

Hello everyone,

This is a short reminder about our policy concerning formal roles and
project team leads.
We usually refrain from making any sort of statement on whether this or
that team needs a project lead or doesn't need one. We believe that in some
cases a team will need a lead and in some others, it won't. However any
lead elected by the team must understand that it is only an informal role
that has been appointed by a social convention, and one that is easily

The Document Foundation and the LibreOffice project acknowledges only
project contributors or TDF members; other, more formal roles are described
in our bylaws. Similarly, a project team lead or a team cannot engage in or
commit to working on itstelf with commercial entities for purposes specific
to the team's work or the project team lead. In the unlikely event where
such a question were to be seriously asked this needs to be decided solely
by the BoD.

Best regards,

Charles-H. Schulz,
Member of the Board of Directors,
The Document Foundation.


thanks for clarifying that, Charles. Maybe a further explanation on why especially I am touchy about 'negotiations' with third parties: Legally, the Board of Directors can be held liable for these under certain circumstances, and that can include even negotiations before actual contractual obligations are made.

So, as soon as it gets into these directions, approval from the BoD is mandatory, there are no exceptions. We will try to handle that as easy as possible, but still, I'd like to emphasize the need of involving the BoD and getting its aproval before negotiations on behalf of TDF take place.


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