ODFAuthors-Site with workflow

Hi all,

I worked with Jean and Sigrid on a new Plone4-CMS with a workflow for the authors of
documentation. This site will become a substitution of the current OOoAuthors site.
The title and URL of the site changed, because it should be a "roof" for
documentation-authors for OOo as for LibreOffice and because the CMS is located on a
resource of the DocumentFoundation / OOoDeV.
There is a section for LibreOffice inside the new CMS. The site provides also a
workflow, that is currently the same as on the current OOoAuthors-site. This workflow
can be changed, if necessary.
The URL of the new ODFAuthors site is: http://www.odfauthors.org or

You can create an account on the site yourself. If you want to get the author
(editor) rights on the site, please ask on this list.