New members

Hi all,

The Membership commitee started again to process membership applications.

So our new members are:

(already approved on 2011-10-31)
- Kevin Hunter (cotinous code contribution, promoting LibreOffice)
- Tollef Fog Heen (our bugzilla SysAdmin)
- Peter Szakal (active promotion of LibreOffice in Hungary, through PR
and local events)

(approved on 2011-11-14)
- Jean-Yves ROYER (constant user support at mailing lists, one of the
organizers of LibOCon Paris)
- Loic Dachary (development of the Bug Submission Assistant)
- Jesse Adelman (developer, e.g. "add-modeline" script)

A warm welcome to all of them from my side

Kind regards


Kevin Hunter
Tollef Fog Heen
Peter Szakal
Jean-Yves ROYER
Loic Dachary
Jesse Adelman

Kind regards

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Free Software Furusho <>
LibreOffice <>
Membro da The Document Foundation <>

Hi all and welcome you all :slight_smile:

hope i'll get envolved soon! :wink: