New artwork for title page of user guide chapters?

Where can I find artwork to be used on the title page of user guide
chapters for v7.1? The logo with "Community" added. I assume we'll
want to replace the artwork on the chapter template. I saw it when I
started v7.1 on Windows. Thanks.


I agree,

the artwork on the front page (and the wording either in the prologue of
the guides/chapters) must clearly state and visualize, what version the
guides (and the localization community effort) refer to.

Lp, m.


I noticed that the back cover for 7.0 GS talks about LibreOffice Community
and where it can be downloaded.
I thought that Community is label for 7.1 and beyond?
If this is the case for 7.0, the GS 7.0 guide should also be branded with
the Community brand (cover + introduction).
Or reference to Community version should be omitted on the back cover.

Lp, m.

V V sre., 24. feb. 2021 ob 11:28 je oseba Martin Srebotnjak <> napisala:

Hi Jean

I placed in /Contributors Resources/Cover7.1/ a png file with the community logo.

The community logo source file in SVG is in same folder, with same file name.

I have updated all SVG's and PNG's of the covers for 7.1 with the community logo.

Kind regards


Thanks for updating the cover art for the books. We also need the
artwork for the title page of the chapter template. Is that somewhere
or still to be done?
I could try to update that myself, but I only have the PNG to work with.

Regards, Jean

Hello Jean

LibreOffice Documentation/English/Contributor Resources/Cover7.1/

has a PNG file with the Community logo. Is that want you need?


Hello Olivier,
That logo is only part of what I need. Please look on the title page
of the chapter template. I need a replacement for the artwork on that
page, which has the logo plus a graphic on the right, combined in one

Hello Jean,

Is this what you want?
It is located in the Contributor Resources>Cover 7.1 folder

I suggest you open this file in whatever is your graphics viewing
software and copy it to the clipboard. Then open your local copy of the
template, select the cover page graphic and paste to replace the
existing graphic.

Obviously there are other methods but this worked best for me.

Best Regards

Dave, that’s it. Thank you.