NA-DVD 3.6.3 is now online on the LO DVD download pages

Thanks to our friendly admins and the mirrors, the North American Community DVD is now online at the DVD download pages.

It has the installs for 3.6.3 for
      Mac [Intel and PPC],
      Linux [DEBS, RPM]

3.6.2 install for the Portable version

It has language and help packs [where available] for the following languages:
     English [default]
     Great Britain English
     Brazil Portuguese

There are Extensions, Templates, Dictionaries, Documentation, Artwork, and other Extras in the DVD.

Here is the link to the 3.6.3 DVD via the online web page version.

I would love to hear from users letting me know of what might be useful to include in the DVD. The 3.6.4 version DVD will have a link to the LO Donation page from every main page. The web site version has it, but the ISO file version does not, since it was updated after the ISO file was placed in the "queue" for inclusion in the LO DVD download pages.

The off list email address to talk about the NA-DVD is ""