mutliple redirects of the FR FAQ

Hi Kenneth,

You've moved the FR FAQ on the wiki, leading to multiple redirects, see:
and going back leads to the EN FAQ

Please don't do that, each language team has his own organization and do
not align automatically to the international one. For our group, your
redirect makes it over complicated to reach a page. So please revert
your changes made to the FR part of the wiki. Thanks in advance,


Sorry about that. Actually, I think I botched the move, because I moved
Faq/Wiki to Wiki/FAQ, then realized it should be TDF_Wiki/FAQ, so I moved
it again.

Clearly I screwed something up, because shows two
moves, to Wiki/FAQ and TDF_Wiki/FAQ. I tried to move everything back, but I
can't get the actual content pages back. I'm going to leave it alone now.
Can an admin fix this?


Update: I've put in a request for assistance. Waiting for someone named
Dennis to get back to me.


Just a sidenote.... Can't we really afford a real multilanguage wiki, with subdomains for each language?
How much is the cost for that to be realized? In money and time...

Not much, just installing this extension bundle:

"Maintaining multilingual content in a wiki is a mess without the Translate extension, which is used by Wikimedia, KDE, and other sites, where hundreds of interface translations are updated every day. With Localisation Update your users will always have the latest translations freshly out of the oven. The Clean Changes extension keeps your recent changes page uncluttered from translation activity and other clutter."

This would also make searching a more pleasant experience as we would be able to hide translated content from the results.

I have discussed this with Dennis many times over the years.


Don't know if I was clear enough...
Anyway the following links explain what I mean... It's referred to as "family of wikis"... just like, with its various language subdomains.

Surely I'm not a wiki expert, but in my opinion this kind of wiki is much more clear and simple to use for all npl.

Bye :slight_smile: