Moving wiki non-English pages

Context: Recently I tried to move the "wiki" FAQ at [[Faq/Wiki]] to
[[TDF_Wiki/FAQ]], to parallel the other project (as opposed to application)
FAQs. When doing this, I checked the "move subpages" box, which necessarily
moves any non-English pages that are children of the English pages.
Additionally, I screwed it up, which is beyond the scope of this thread.
Anyway, from the thread "mutliple redirects of the FR FAQ":

You've moved the FR FAQ on the wiki, leading to multiple redirects, see:
and going back leads to the EN FAQ

Please don't do that,
*each language team has his own organization and do not align
automatically to the international one. For our group, your redirect makes
it over complicated to reach a page.* So please revert
your changes made to the FR part of the wiki. ...

I'm a bit worried now, because I've checked the "move all subpages" box
many times before, which has definitely moved some non-English pages. But
the only alternative is to move every English page individually, which is
rather daunting.

So I'd like to get confirmation: is it always bad to move non-English
pages? Or is it okay if, for example, (a) they do parallel the English
ones, and (b) moving them doesn't cause any problems like multiple
redirects (or I clean up the problems myself)?