MirrorBrain on new machine

Hello everyone,

crossposting this to a couple of lists as it might affect many people in case it goes wrong (but I hope it doesn't :slight_smile:

Today, I was brave enough to switch the DNS entries for download.documentfoundation.org and let it point to bilbo2 with the fresh MirrorBrain setup. I'd like to see if everything works and performs as expected, rather than making a try during the next major/minor release 4.1. :wink: Nice side-effect is that our download page now is also IPv6 enabled.

In a nutshell:

* Rsyncing for developers (uploading of builds) and push, pull & stage for mirrors is still handled on the same machine as before, the old bilbo(1). So no changes so far for the release process, simply do what you have been doing the last months, with the same login and hostname.

* The DNS entry for download.documentfoundation.org has been switched to the IP of bilbo2, the new machine. bilbo2 syncs every 60 minutes from bilbo1's repository. This introduces a delay, but given that over the weekend there is IMHO no release planned, and I will continue to work on it next Monday, shouldn't be a problem.

In case of problems:

The old setup on bilbo(1) is still working, so in case something goes wrong, any of the admins can reset the IP to the old server.

* Just login to Hetzner,

* remove the download AAAA record from the documentfoundation.org zone,

* and set the A record back to

* You can ignore MX, ADSP and TXT records.

Given that the TTL is 5 minutes, changes will be reflected very soon. As it's weekend, no release on the agenda for the next three days, and I should be around during daytime, I hope this makes a good test drive without breaking too much.

In case something goes wrong, *please* use either the tdf-infra channel to reach many admins at the same time, *or* write directly to hostmaster@documentfoundation.org. Although I should be around, responsiveness when mailing the infra team at large might be better than just mailing me directly.

What's not working yet:

What's currently missing is the mirmon page, plus the instructions for new mirrors (mirroring.html). This is by intention, as I didn't manage to migrate it yet, but will do so next week. And of course the full rsync push & pull process, which will follow, but is dealt with on bilbo1 at the moment.

Happy hacking,