minutes of the LibreOffice QA call 2012-10-05 (today) 1300UTC


Here are the minutes of the QA call today.

attendance: Thorsten, Joel, Bjoern

pending action items:
   - merge 3.5 and 3.6 in one big bibisect repo (Bjoern)
   - recheck and tweak bibisect details (Bjoern)
   - Ping cloph if we can make that switchable to say "Bug" instead of
     "EasyHack" when explcitly requested (Bjoern)
   - new Bug Hunting Sessions (Cor)

completed action items:
   - setup hard hack wiki page (Joel)

structured manual testing (Yifan/Petr):
   - no news

bug wrangling:
   - no new hardhacks needed this week
   - open/closed hardhack overview
AI: - add closed hard hacks to wiki (Joel)
AI: - blog about it (Bjoern)
AI: - lead Joel to get his blog on the planet, once he has one (Bjoern)
   - triaging project update (Joel)
     - we should poke native lang team (Thorsten)
AI: - poke Sophie about triaging (Bjoern)
   - bugzilla contract updates -> postponed, call next week

community building/communication (Joel/Florian?)
   - QA Wochenende in Essen
     - need more people
     - few newcomer
     - bibisect for windows very popular
       - ping Norbert to go forward with it
     - timebased releases still perceived as a problem
       - stable is essentially blocked -- it is open for half a year for
   critical bugs only and hard hacks are the way to communicate those
         to development without overcommitment (Thorsten/Bjoern)
       - more testers of master/3.x.0 needed
       - marketing storm always hits 3.x.0
         - has to be stable enough to prevent backslash
   - needs to be announced at this point in time to allow early adopters
       - auto updater (Windows)
         - initial troubles should be solved now
         - activate for which minor? 3.x.2/3.x.3
         - maybe offer a update button without popup for early-adopters
           in addition (pull-model on request, push at .2/.3) (Bjoern)
     - BSA API
       - some reservations:
   - we have no trouble with the number of initial bug reports
   - too easy bugfiling lowers the quality of reported bugs, creating
     even more work for bugwranglers
   - we are in need of bug wranglers, not so much reporter
   - most of 'too late bugs' are not 'not reported', but 'not visible to
     dev as a critical bug'
       - instead, we should create a landing page on the end of the BSA?
   - invite people to:
     - confirm bugs
     - verify fixed bugs (mostly to motivate more people into running
         - maybe even have a menu entry in About for that?