Minutes of the June 15th documentation meeting

June 15th Documentation team call

Present: Olivier, Marco Pinto

Documentation Update:

* Help content modernization
   + Ported Help Authoring in OpenOffice.org to wiki (Olivier, tagezi,
      -> Document was a PDF, not editable
      -> Now we can edit and add/remove features in Help Content and
have it documented

* Help content update
   + Some updates by the community
   + call for GSoC student to provide contents of their work for Help.

* Books in ODF Authors
      -> Appendix A, Appendix B, Chapter 14,13,12,11 updated
      -> Under proofreading by Hazel Russman
      -> Working on Chapter 10 (Math) (Olivier)

Team feedback

     * How to improve participation

    * Next meeting: 29 June at 19:00 CET