Minutes of the Documentation meeting of May 18th

May 18th Documentation Team call

Presents: Olivier, Sophie, Leo, Roger

Documentation Update:

* Help content modernization
    * Objective: turn the helpcontent into a richer experience for the
user, either on-line or offline
    + Now possible to edit XHP files directly in

* Help content update

* Books in ODF Authors

       * Chapter 5 - Calc: Delivered for feedback (Olivier)

       * Chapter 6 - Impress: Still reviewing (Roger)

     * Chapter 7 - Draw: Started, some issues with the latest features,
handles of shapes.(Leo)

* Team feedback
    Leo: How to use previous translations into new, not start from
scratch w/ OmegaT
AI: Sopie will contact Milos for assistance

* How to improve participation

* Admnistrative:

    + Next meeting: 25th May at 19:00 CET

* What can we do for next meeting (Action items)
  Olivier: Update Chap on Base
  Leo: Deliver Draw chapter
  Roger: Impress Chapter