Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Oct-07

Present: Kendy, Heiko, (Samuel)


(postponed because Samuel's connection was too weak (tested with hangout, jitsi, hublin), and decisions by two is awkward)


* Use Redmine to track non-bugzilla tasks?
   + Pro: Kanban-like tracking of internal tasks; easy to understand start page at the wiki (Heiko)
   + Con: Too many unneeded credentials; working with bugzilla familiarize people with dev's procedure (Kendy)
     In many cases the workflow starts with a bugzilla entry too (Kendy)
   => Go with wiki/bugzilla


* Versioning system / Sharepoint integration
   + How MS (and others) are doing versioning?
   + Goal is to have access to previous versions
   + Enhancement of File > Properties > Statistics? Not really
   => Sharepoint test account, AI: Kendy
   => GDoc session document, AI: Heiko