Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-May-27

Present: Samuel, Jay, Heiko, Susobhan, Akshay

* Easy hack that need code pointers
  * May-27
    + tdf#86350 (context menu renaming 'Rotate Image')
    + tdf#86853 (uno commands for Embossed and Engraved)
    + tdf#86601 (position protection from context menu)
    + tdf#84704 (sidebar scrollbar movement steps)
    + tdf#100028 (quickly duplicate)
    + tdf#39268 (sticky function in Draw; includes a patch)

Google Summer of Code

  * Template Manager (Akshay)
    * May-27:
      + Integrating the template manager in Impress
         (replacing the Presentation Wizard)
        + Impress Templates should be shown when starting Impress
        + Do we need any options from the presentation wizard?
        + Concerns that template manager gets too crowded
           with unnecessary functions (Heiko)
        + Remove the presentation wizard (Samuel)
        + Inform the community about the plans (blog post) and remove
           the menu entry first (in 5.2)
        + Then remove the uno cmd & underlying code in 5.3
           if not too many complaints
      + Change Thumbnail Dimensions in start center
          (More Space for Template Title)
        + Cleaner look, good idea (Heiko)
        + Afraid of preview for regular documents (Jay)
      + Should changing application filter reset category? tdf#85794
        + Yes, resetting the filter set the filter to none (All Category)
        + Close the bug
      + Change highlight colour in Template Manager
        + Should be defined by the system theme, i.e. don't change it
      + Do we want inline renaming of templates
        + No, using the context menu to rename templates is enough (all)
        + Drop the inline renaming
      + Show an indicator for the default templates,
         e.g. a favorites star (Heiko)
  * Progress of Area Fill project (Rishabh)
    * May-27:
      + Color tab completed; patch split into two commits
      + Hex value is still under rework (reuse of color picker code)
      + Idea to remove CMYK and have only RGB (Jay)
      Planned for next week:
      + Keep origin color left hand static
      + Replace color dropdown by palette drowdown at solid tab
      + New color picker for gradient color chooser

  * Progress of Sidebar Improvements (Susobhan)
    * May-27
      + Writer - Page tab: Working on header/footer content panels now.
      + Margin and Format panel on gerrit
      + Impress Slide Background Panel merged into master
Gallery: Integration of additional symbol sets
  * May-27: Whiteboard page created
    * https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Design/Whiteboards/GalleryContent
      + 10 arrows including simple objects, combined shapes, 3D arrows,
          shading per transparency and polygons
      + 17 BPMN basic objects, all defined as custom shapes