Minutes of infra call and next call


here are the minutes from the last infra call

* monitor salt-call on vms
  graylog saltstack returner -> https://bitbucket.org/ospreyinformatics/gelf_returner/overview
  scheduled execution of highstates & at reboot
* f2f meeting in Kaufbeuren end of July (24-30)
  presentation: overview
  gluster & geo-replication
  migration path
  password distribution
  account/credential management (who gets access to what machines,…)
  distribution of work and responsibilities / reducing bus-factor
* Brian joins the call #tdf-infra on freenode, https://redmine.documentfoundation.org/projects/infrastructure/issues
* IZBot: Cloph maintainer

The next call will be on July 20, 1800 UTC