Migration of TDF board-discuss list to Community Forum

Hello everyone,

TDF's Board of Directors has decided to move this board-discuss@ mailing list to our Community Discourse forum in around two weeks' time. You can find the forum here:


If you don't have a Single Sign-On account yet, please create one at https://user.documentfoundation.org and add the address you're subscribed to board-discuss@ at https://user.documentfoundation.org/edit so that the infrastructure team can do the linking and mass subscription.

Thank you!

Will close the list and proceed with the migration after posting this.
The new discussion platform should eventually show up at
https://community.documentfoundation.org/c/board-discuss .

At this point, posters that weren't found in SSO will be assigned a
generic username, and subscribers that never signed up (or who didn't
specify their subscription address in the user panel) won't be
mass-“subscribed”. Notifications can be tuned by clicking the bell
button at the above URL.

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Thanks a lot for all your work on this, @guilhem!

What happens when something is posted both to this forum and to the tdf-internal list? Should we reply to both places? Just one?

My take on that is well-publicized - there’s good reasons to keep some discussions internal, among our foundation members.

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