Member badges

Hi all,
after there was a very, very old thread [1] on my todo list and after there was a call for a logo for certified developer [2] I started to develop some badges [3] based on one of Nik's ideas.

It would be good for TDF Members to have a badge they can display on
their webpages, T-Shirts, other marketing material etc. And there could be some other badges to display the contributions and so the meritocracy.

Now I will start the discussion about using the badges [3] (as official badges and logos). Talking about design should be on another thread: [2] for certified developer, [4] for the rest.

I'm starting the discussion here on projetcs-ml, because it is a thread for the whole project but not only for marketing or design.



I really like the idea (IMHO green -> gold could be quite difficult to
select the group in specific areas, especially if someone is not
contributing steadily... Any ideas on that. The artwork itself is
great :). )

Liebe Grüße, / Yours,
Florian Reisinger

It would be nice to have some "badge of service" for your efforts in supporting LO.

I do not know about the color to number option. There are so many ways to "pad" your numbers. How can you decide that the person is really doing edits to "fix" content or they are just doing things to add to his/her editing numbers. Is there already a way to show how many posts to support threads? To pad them, a person may give the OP the same answer as someone else or just give advise that was meant to pad their numbers instead of helping the people that use the lists for support.

For the Project badge, how can a person make it to a gold color? Do projects like the NA-DVD get credited, or will there be a list of acceptable projects to be involved with?

Would past "service" be accredited to the badge system or will everyone start from "zero"?

There will be a lot of things that will need to be worked out for the badge "system", especially if you are going to do a color change.

I do like the badge design though.


Badges are definitely a great idea. But since there's already the membership itself, we could think of the membership badge itself and other badges granted for people who may or may not be members and these badges would be awarded for specific activities (Top bug hunter, top translator, etc.)