Meeting Minutes September 6th 2017

Wednesday September 13th 2017, 19:00 CET

* Presents: Olivier, Dave Barton, Paul Figueiredo, deneb


    Always use "Track changes" with proper "user data" filled in Tools >
Options > LibreOffice > User data

    Use Styles !!!!

    Bold characters for Menu Path should be changed to character style
"LOMenuPath". e.g. Tools > Options > LibreOffice

    References fo other chapters should use character style
"LOEmphasis". e.g. See Chapter 14 Customizing LibreOffice

    A figure with caption is embedded in a Frame, which must be anchored
"As character". The paragraph holding the character must be "Figure" (I
hope this does not confuses you guys)

    To remove a misuse of bold characters, select the bold text and hit
Ctrl+M. This resets the direct formatting (Bold) to the underlying
character style of the paragraph style.

PENDING ITEMS (will be reviewed next meeting):

Chapter 8 – Getting Started with Base

* Changes to Firebird – Embedded Firebird changes are way outside the
scope of the GS guide.

* Access2Base updated

Chapter 9 – Getting Started with Math

New context menu edit commands
Paul (couple of lines and a screenshot)
Screenshot from wiki + description
How to edit a formula

* Image Maps to be removed.
Chapter 14 – Customizing LibreOffice

Customization dialog updated
Amanda (screenshots and a couple of lines)
Pending (?)

Appendix A – Keyboard Shortcuts
Nothing found
Transfer here shortcuts from chapters


* Book cover
    + Dave put a new proposal for the covers

* Proofreadng of jobs already done
   + Paul reviewing chapter 5 and screenshots
   + Olivier takes chapter 2
   + Dave takes chapter 4.

Meeting Adjourned

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday September 20th 2017, at 19:00 Berlin Time

Corecting subject line date

I didn't have any changes to Chapter 2 contributed. But before Dave
downloads my changes to Chapter 4, give me a day or so to re-upload my
edits to it in a properly tracked file.

I messed up by not tracking my changes from the very beginning. I started
my tracking AFTER changing the information on the first page. So Merging
documents throws back an error message. I'm going to re-upload a fixed
version tonight or tomorrow and merging documents will work again.

Thanks. Sorry for the error.


OK! No problem, just drop a note back here when you are done.


I uploaded a fresh copy of Chapter 4 with changes tracked from the
beginning. I tested it against the original 5.2 published chapter and it
merged back in just fine, so you should be good to go, Dave. Sorry for the
mess up.