Meeting minutes of the Jan 9th 2018 Doc team.

Wednesday January9th2018, at 19:30 Berlin Time

Presents:Dave, Drew, SophiaS, Olivier,

Fall back chat:

TDF Jitsi room

Completed Action Items:

AI: Emails developers to get more clarifications (Drew)
     + Appendix on CPU issues for Calc (threading, OpenCL)

+ What happen with the wiki page "Other Resources"? See the discussion:

* Guides:
        + Create the conversion script (Drew)

+ Documentation and Acccessibitlity (A11y)
   + Waht are the resources we have on A11y
   + ask doc list (Drew)

Agenda+ Discussion: 
    + True vaccation for the team (i.e. farniente !!!)
    + New help editor (Drew)
        + Try the direct gerrit edit (Drew)
    + Wiki has pages for editing Help (olivier)
        + please have a look.
    + Issues in editing with LO 6.2 (Dave)
       + reported the bug in 6.2, in MAB, critical.(Dave)
       + Issues with Index (Dave)
       + Back to 6.1

Next meeting Wednesday January 16th 2019, at 19:30 Berlin Time