Meeting Minutes of August 30, 2017

Doc Team Meeting Minutes

Wednesday August 30rd 2017, 19:00 CET

* Presents: Jorge Rodriguez, Dave Barton, Paul Figueiredo, Olivier Hallot

    Always use "Track changes" with proper "user data" filled in Tools -
Options - LibreOffice - User data


Chapter 5 – Getting Started with Calc

* Default Cell Styles
Amanda: Done

Toolbars & Sidebar Changes
Amanda: done

Chapter 6 – Getting Started with Impress
Toolbars & Sidebar Changes
Amanda: done

Template Selector at start-up.

Area Dialog Redesign
Added a screenshot about Template Selector with an explanation about
this dialog content (Page 6-7) and eliminate the Topic about “Creation a
Presentation using the Presentation Wizard” (Page 14-18)
Presentation Wizard Removed
Dave, Done.
New insert slide keyboard shortcut
Jorge: Check if applicable, shortcut are described in appendix.
Added a few words about keyboard shortcuts (Page 18)
Come back when Notebook bar is enabled for good.

Flash export to be removed
Dave. OK.

PENDING ITEMS (will be reviewed next meeting):

Review of the Features to update of Getting started 6.0 (Cont)
(from the wiki page )

Chapter 7 – Getting Started with Draw

New arrow endings
Too much detailed, skipped

Area Dialog Redesign

Duplicate dialog enhancement

New insert slide keyboard shortcut
Set to the keyborad shortcut chapters.

Chapter 8 – Getting Started with Base

* Changes to Firebird – Embedded Firebird changes are way outside the
scope of the GS guide.

* Access2Base updated

Chapter 9 – Getting Started with Math

Math Improvements
Skip, too techie...

New context menu edit commands
Paul (couple of lines and a screenshot)

Meeting Adjourned

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday August 6th 2017, at 19:00 Berlin Time