Meeting Minutes of 11/1/2017 Documentation team meeting

Wednesday November 1st 2017, 19:00 CET

Meeting was forwared to IRC, due to connectivity issues

Presents: Olivier Hallot, Paul Figueiredo

Completed items:


* Teamwork (olivier)
   + Blog Post on the team
       Let's make a blog post on team members
       + one paragraph
            + who you are
            + interest in contributing to 6.0
        + one photograph
        + Example:

* Book Cover
    New contribution of K-J

AI: Build a wiki page with all proposals (Olivier)

AI: Update Appendix A and B to draft folder (Paul)

* Discussion:
    + Change meeting day for Monday at 19:00 Berlin Time?
         +Ask in the mailing list (Paul)

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday November 8th 2017, at 19:00 Berlin Time