Meeting Minutes Documentation team, March 6th 2019

Wednesday March6th2018, at 00:00 UTC

Presents:Olivier, Tom Thibodeaux,

Fall back chat:

TDF Jitsi room

Completed Action Items:

        + Apply templates to source files (Olivier, Drew)
    + Deactivation old ODFAuthor plone
        + Send a mail to AOO lists (Drew)
    + what to do with the old plone instance
          + add a redirect

Calc Guide (Update) PLease fill the spreadsheet in the Calc folder @

Agenda+ Discussion:
    + Time of the meeting. Comments? Is that OK for the team?
        + perfect for me (Tom)
        + OK for me (olivier)
    + Periodicity. Weekly, Bi-weekly?
        + Bi-Weekly
            + No problem (Tom)
            + I have too much meetings per week (Olivier)

AI: Send mail to doc list with next 6 meetings (Olivier)
    + Questions & Answers by Team.
    + Wiki page on the contents of the Calc Guide,

AI: Tom: Cleanup of the Introduction part in wiki page.
AI: Olivier: Cleanup the Editing Formatting part.

Next meeting Wednesday March20th 2019, at 00:00 UTC