Meeting Minutes - Doc Team - 06/26/2019

Wednesday June 26th 2019, at 18:00 UTC

Presents: Steve Fanning, Drew Jensen, Olivier, Cathy Crumbley

Fall back chat:

Telegram group

TDF Jitsi room

Agenda + Discussion

Calc Guides
   + several chapter in the draft folder (Drew)

Proposed agenda items (drew)

    Wiki pages and how to documents for HSQLdb Base migration
    -- first file started
       + Will upate tonight (Drew)

Proposed discussion points (Steve F)
Q: - Confirm Chapter 9 of Calc Guide (Data Anlysis) to be extended to
describe functions in Data > Statistics menu (as per Olivier's email).
Note these functions already have some coverage in the Help system.
    + No problem to copy Help into Guide and vice versa (Olivier)
    + Experimental features
       + write wiki page first on exp. feature
       + later when non-exp, then copy/paste to guide and edit.

Q: - Do we have access to anybody with good knowledge of the implemented
solvers? My download of has three algorithms, two linear and one
non-linear (marked as experimental). Are there conditions when one
linear algorithm is likely to be better than the other? Do we have a
policy for describing experimental features in the Calc Guide?
   + On complex Solver algorithm, ask dev list for assistance from the
right developer

Q: - As a new team member, I remain unclear about our current review /
re-work / publish cycle!
    + Contributor Guide chp 4:

+ Drawings styles for the book
    + Added to the cloud (Drew)
        + standard font size, arrow shape, colors,
        + Ask UX guys for advise (DRew, Cathy)
    + Write a wiki page on how to better use Draw files for graphic
        + Graphics can be edited in Draw
        + e.g. a screenshot with callouts
        + Draw file can be translated
        + Group graphics and export to PNG
        + import PNG into chapter

Next meeting Wednesday July 10th 2019, at 18:00 UTC