Meeting Minutes 1 Dec 2020 - GSOD - Calc Functions Wiki pages.

Meeting Minutes 1 Dec 2020

* Presents: Ronnie, Steve Olivier

* Completed items
   +8 Date and time functions + REGEX function
   +Statistical function review
   +Financial review (part)

* Pending items

* Administrative
   + Write the final report as asked by Google
   + Send the link for review.

* Development / Conclusion
   +Opportunity to review all the functions
   +improve quality of the reading and the contents
   +Further clarification to be added in the future
   +Feedback to the Help pages in terms of clarification too.
   +Proven that we need a new technology for Help pages
   +Review process delayed completion, but added quality to the
    work done so far
   +Include hints and tips for creating images and other
    graphical pieces
   + AI: Need to review of the remaining functions (Steve)
        + List available in the control spreadsheet
   + AI: Complete the rest of the functions (Steve, Olivier)
       + From now on it’s volunteer work
   + XIRR function: Difference in results between results,
          clarify date formats and guess.
   + Great thanks to Ronnie for the works

Project ended.