Math Guide 7.0 upload to NextCloud


I have just uploaded the updated version of the Math Guide into the Work in
Progress folder.

Because this is my first contribution, feel free to point out anything that
needs to be revised further.

I used the "Track Changes" commando throughout my work, but I disabled the
"Show Changes" button. If anyone wishes to see the changes, remember to
enable the "Show Changes" button.

Rafael Lima

Hello Rafael

I reviewed your updates and additions and I liked very much. I have
uploaded the file with my initials appended (OH) so you can have a
second look.

I left some comments too, for your guidance nd judgement. Some changes
were rejected, but the vast majority accepted. Track changes are not
enabled by default, but previous are visible.

Thanks you for your excellent contribution.

Kind regards


I have just uploaded an updated version of the Math Guide to the Work in
Progress folder.

I made a few adjustments based on Olivier's comments.

Kind regards,


Hi Rafael, Team

I reviewed the last changes and committed them.

file is MG70-MathGuide-RL-OH-15Oct2020.odt

And also
* Applied the new 7.0 template styles to the document
* Fixed NOTE -> Note
* Fixed Some numbered list with numbering not properly aligned
* Resized tables to fit the margins (width: relative, 100%)
* Could not apply the script to cleanup direct formatting.
It does not run anymore in my Kubuntu 20.04
* Added Contributors name for 7.0

I did not published the Guide, but it is almost done, IMHO (minus
cleanup). Another look from the Team?


I will take a look. -Jean

I downloaded the file. When I checked the status spreadsheet, I saw that
Rafael has. It checked out with expected return of 20 Oct. should I wait to
do my review? In a quick look, I can see a lot of (mostly minor) things
that are out of date.


Hi Jean,

When I first checked out the Math Guide, I thought it would take me longer
to finish updating it. That's why I expected to return it by Oct 20.

However, I managed to finish updating it earlier than expected. The actual
return dates are:
1) October 12th (first return)
2) October 14th (second return with revisions following comments by Olivier)
3) October 15th (final revision by Olivier)

I believe there is nothing else to add to the Math Guide. Hence the guide
is available for you to do your review.

Kind regards,

Rafael Lima

My edited copy of the Math Guide is in the Work in Progress folder, and I
have updated the Status spreadsheet. Most of my changes are in the Preface,
with Track Changes on.


Hello Jean

I have approved all your comments except the one that mentions, which is an important website for community support.

I filled the missing Greek letters in the tables.

I added your name to the contributors for your kind review of the Guide.

I also saved the file in the WIP folder and a uncommented copy in the
Published folder with the PDF.