Marketing Plan Discussion on October 8

The next Marketing Call on

October 8, 2020, at 1PM UTC (3PM CEST),

will be entirely focused on the discussion of the Marketing Plan, using
the last version as starting point (as all previous discussions have
been distilled into that version:

There is also a version with just action items:

Agenda of Items to Discuss

1. Objectives of the Marketing Plan
2. LibreOffice Technology ingredient brand
3. Label for LibreOffice provided by TDF
4. Use of LibreOffice Enterprise

If people are not able to attend because the time of the call is not
convenient, please send your questions/comments to the marketing mailing
list (, which will be the place where
the discussion will happen from now on.

To be clear, no discussions on Bugzilla and Redmine, and possibly no
discussions on board-discuss, which would be a perfectly adequate place,
to avoid overlapping of different threads in the same mailing list.

Looking forward to the discussion.