Marketing Conference Call

Tomorrow we will connect using TDF Jitsi instance:

I might connect a couple of minutes later than 2:30 PM.

We will discuss several topics:

1. Increased use of social media
2. "What can I do for LibreOffice"
3. Next Month of LibreOffice
4. Fundraising
5. Marketing without a community
   (Shreekant message about India)


* Franklin Weng
* Sophie Gautier
* Mike Saunders
* Redon Skikuli
* Amhed Haris
* Jona Azizaj
* Sreekanth V K
* Italo Vignoli
* Sam Tuke
* Foad Vafaei

1. "What can I do for LibreOffice" site: help people to understand in
just a few clicks, how they can contribute. Need to get the design team
involved, make it available for translations, build a tree for the
information. Code here: AIs: Mike to find
out about domain, and talk to various sub-projects about questions to
use; Redon to work on the first tree map.

2. Increased use of social media: work on more focused Twitter
campaigns, and encourage native language communities to make their own
social media accounts. Become more active on Instagram and LinkedIn -
but do in a coordinated way.

3. Next Month of LibreOffice, coming up in November: Focus especially on
bringing in new contributors. Consider expanding data sources, and
linking to another event (eg a Reddit "Ask us Anything").

4. Open Badges idea: Mike and Sophie catching up with various jobs after
LibOCon, but will work on it soon. Redon offers to help out as well.

5. Sreekanth's topic: doing more in Indian community; converting
interested people into community members. Challenge with lots of
different languages. Organise a regular call and try to build a
community there, make it a focus for aggregation in 2019. Consider
funding someone to travel to India to help out, and a mini conference
(eg in Pune).