Marketing Conference Call

Marketing Conference Call for May is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17, at
10AM UTC (noon CEST), based on the different people who have filled in
the Doodle.

To accommodate people in the Americas, I am happy to repeat the call
later on the same day, at 2PM UTC, if there are participants (no one
from that area has filled in the Doodle).

The agenda for the call is the following:

1. Announcement of LibreOffice 5.2: team brainstorming

2. Preparation of announcement materials: discussion of needs

3. Organization of pre-announcements for journalists

4. Creation of specific badges/barnstars for LibreOffice 5.2

5. Launch of "Week/Month of LibreOffice 5.2" in August?

6. LibreOffice events around the world (e.g. FUEL/GILT in India)

7. Other topics suggested by participants

Please do feel free to suggest further discussion points for the agenda,
by replying to this message.

I will circulate dial in instructions in advance. Thanks, Italo