Marketing Budget Approval for FUEL GILT 2015

FUEL GILT is one of the largest conferences focused on localization
issues, and is organized by a number of TDF community members in India
(those who have attended the conference in Aarhus). They have invited
Sophie and myself to attend the conference, and the idea is the I attend
2015 and Sophie attends 2016, to foster the connection with the Indian
NLP and promote LibreOffice and ODF in the Indian market.

The conference happens in Chennai (Madras) on November 20-22, and I will
present a paper on LibreOffice localization (edited with Sophie's
precious help) and one on the ODF document standard (and associated
issues, such as free fonts for interoperability).

Travel expenses will be lower than 1,000 Euro (flight is around 600
Euro, hotel is less than 75 Euro per night, and other expenses are low
in comparison with Europe).

For more information on FUEL:

I ask Charles to approve the expense from the marketing budget.

Excellent idea. Approved.



Guys, do you actually keep track of 'the marketing budget' ? or is it
just assumed to be bottomless ?


I have added the FUEL event to our Google Events Calendar and added Italo as the LibreOffice contact person.

Let me know if the events need any modifications if any.