Mail Merge Wizard problems

Hello Dan,
First of all, that section was rewritten by Jean( I do not want to say that
she has removed any example, there was no example in the draft). Secondly,
That section do not give any example. It just describes the steps of mail
merge.But I think it would be appropriate to include an example. I think
there was a bug in the salutation part also. I don't remember clearly. And
as you say that there are not many details, then the mail merge has a
chapter to itself in the writer guide. The base Guide only notes important
details of the steps.
Pulkit Krishna

Hello Dan,
We are using media without macros database in that chapter.
Pulkit Krishna

Hello Dan,
You can mention it there.(See all of my previous posts)
Pulkit Krishna

Now I see the problem more clearly. The readeradress query has not a title
and salutation column but not a gender column.

We can leave out the example there. The writer guide describes Mail Merge
in detail. We have just told the steps. Our part is how to connect to
database the rest is part of writer guide. We can add its reference there.

To learn the steps of mail merge from scratch, fiest a user should use an
csv database, as desribed in the writer Guide, and then if he tries that
section in Base Guide then he will be able to understand it very well.
Elaborating everything everywhere is not necessary.
Pulkit Krishna