LOv7 template

Changes needed or recommended:
1) Remove the colon (:slight_smile: after Note on the copyright page.
2) I don't think the line "This book is adapted and updated from
[Guide Name] OpenOffice.org 3.3" is needed any more. I have been
removing that line from the Writer Guide and some other books.
3) I would change the "To this edition" and "To previous editions"
headings to something that is not going to show up in the TOC.
4) Why is the Published [date] line in italics? I would make it normal
Roman font.
5) Remove "a" from "Using LibreOffice on a macOS" heading on page 5.
6) Having the section "Using LibreOffice on macOS" on p5 makes it look
like that should be on the first page of every chapter, but it should
instead be on the Copyright page.
7) Serif font is more difficult to read on screen than sans-serif, so
I would return the body text and other styles to Liberation Sans.
8) I have now seen the heading colours for the different books and (as
discussed in a different thread) I think we should not use different
colours. Also, if different colours were to be used, I think the
underline (border) colour should match the font colour.
9) I made some changes to the explanations in the template while I was
working on the Contributors' Guide. I recommend they be incorporated
here, or at least given serious consideration. I thought I had
uploaded my draft LOv7 template several weeks ago, but I can't find
it, so I've now done so. Here is the link:


Hello Jean

Item 3 in you recommendations.

How about changing to style Text Body and doing the following

To this edition of the (insert custom field of guide name)
To previous editions of the (insert custom field of guide name)

Just tried it and looks OK.

Peter Schofield

I see no advantage to all those extra words. J


As there are enough people contributing to this discussion, I do not wish to raise any further suggestions.

However, I do want to say that I fully agree with Jean's points 1) to 8) below.

Whatever the outcome of this discussion, I hope that we can all agree to use one template consistently, without applying our own preferred customizations.



Please could whoever collates the final version of the LO7 template note the following about the section entitled Using LibreOffice on macOS?
F5 is the macOS keyboard shortcut to access the Navigator, not Shift+⌘+F5. In the 6.4 Calc Guide I therefore replaced that row of the table with “Ctrl+Q | ⌘+Q | Exit / quit LibreOffice”. Not a particularly enlightening example I know but hopefully valid. In the final row of the table, I feel that Sidebar warrants an initial capital letter. Maybe Effect entry could read “Open the Sidebar’s Styles deck”?


I suggest simply deleting the line about F5 and not replacing it with

As for Sidebar, capital S is good (we’ve been very inconsistent about
capitalising that word but trying to fix it when found), but not
possessive. Probably should be “Styles deck in the Sidebar”, which is the
phrase I generally use elsewhere.