LOv7 RC1 is now available

Hello team!
LOv7 RC1 is now available! It installs as LibreOffice, not
LibreOfficeDev (as the Betas did), so it should be good for all

To download LOv7 RC1, go to the usual download page, scroll to the
bottom, where you'll find "LibreOffice is available in the following
prerelease versions:" and click on 7.0.0. It's not in green, so it may
not look like a link, but it works. (It doesn't say "RC1" but that's
what it is.)


Warning for Windows users: this version will replace your LOv6.4
installation, so if you still have work to do on v6.4 guides, you
might delay installing v7 - or use the method described for a
"parallel installation" somewhere on the wiki or the website. Sorry, I
don't have a link handy and don't have time to find it, but I'm sure
someone reading this can provide that info.

Jean, here it is:

Otherwise prereleases and latest versions of builds can always be directly
downloaded from here:

Must warn macOS users on this list of a LO7RC1 bug I noticed on macOS (and
reported) - for me LO7RC1 crashes on opening a new document (and not on
opening an existing document).

Lp, m.


Hello Jean

One problem with the template.

List 1 bullet style - the indent for text from 2nd line is greater than the indent for 1st line.

Peter Schofield

Huh. I didn’t notice that. Thanks. Will fix.

Here is the link:


I don't know about the Window's OS, but I do know that RC1 can be installed in the /opt/ folder and have its own config files separate from previous LibreOffice config files on Linux. (This will need a link on the Desktop folder.) Anyone interested email me personally; I will reply with the necessary info.


Hi *,

warning for making screenshots of Base-forms:
If you open Base-forms for editing, not for input data, you are asked if
you wan't to save the changes you made. You haven't made changes, but
this has been the default since the beginning of LO/OpenOffice. Don't
save forms with LO 7.0. You couldn't open this forms again!



The same thing is true using LO which is RC1. This is on Ubuntu 18.04 (Debian variation) on a database possibly created with 2.x.x in the mid 2006's. Will report my findings on Bugzilla.