LO 6 Chapter 8 Getting Started with Base

I have taken a close look at the Base chapter and can find almost no
differences between using Base under LO 5.2 and 6.0.

I will not be submitting a new draft of this chapter to include the 2
items proposed at the last meeting, because:

1. It appears that under 6.0 Firebird will not be a standard feature
    and requires activation under the "Experimental" options. Maybe this
    could be mentioned in an update to the full Base guide, but as I
    have said before, I believe it is outside the scope of a GS guide.

2. Access2Base is an in-built macro for more advanced users wanting to
    programmatically work with Access databases via Base. Maybe it could
    be mentioned in update to the full Base guide, otherwise it is far
    too technical for readers of a GS guide.