[libreoffice-users] How to round corners of rectangle shape in Draw?

Hi Regina,

Hi Dave,

it is a longer mail, but hopefully it is clearer then.

Hi Regina,

Thanks for taking the time to reply, but I must be naturally stupid or
blind, because I cannot locate these "Custom Shapes" and "Legacy
Rectangles" you refer to.

As a member of the documentation team I am working to assist in the
creation of the Draw User Guide for LO 7.1, but your answer leaves me
and I am sure other members of the team, unsure how we can explain these
"Custom Shapes" and "Legacy Rectangles" to our users. Any pointers you
feel able to offer in this respect would be much appreciated.

In the "Position and Size" Dialog there is no control for the corner
radius of "Rounded Rectangle" shapes. Yes, it's possible to grab and
drag the radius handle for the object on the page, but this provides
zero accuracy for the adjustment.

I have only been a user of this software for 20+ years and an advocate
of LO for 10+ years and now I feel that I no longer understand it.

Remember back to OpenOffice.org 1.0. At that time none of those shapes
like "Moon" or "Diamond" exists. They were introduced in OOo2.0.
OOo1.1.5 had only got the ability to show them, but could not work on them.

This new added type of shapes are written to file as element
<draw:custom-shape>. They have an own chapter "10.6 Custom Shape" in the
ODF specification. The term "custom shape" does rarely appear in the UI,
but I use it as umbrella term, because they are named in file and spec
that way. The only place were I know "Custom shape" in the UI, is the
"Text" tab of a Drawing style.

These 'custom shapes' are grouped in toolboxes e.g. "Basic Shapes",
"Block Arrows" and "Stars and Banners". Those you should know. If you
are unsure, whether a shape is a 'custom shape' or not, you can look at
the icon "Toggle extrusion". It is only enabled for 'custom shapes'.

In the beginning the Drawing toolbar had icons for the rectangle and
ellipse known from OOo1.0. The toolbox "Basic Shapes" contains
rectangles and ellipses among others too. That results in lot of
confusions, like you are confused. Therefore rectangle and ellipse from
OOo1.0 were removed form the Drawing toolbar, so that they are hidden.
These shapes from OOo1.0 were collected in two toolbars "Legacy
Rectangles" and "Legacy Circles and Ovals". The term 'legacy' indicates,
that these are shapes from OOo1.0. You find these toolbars same as other
toolbars in menu View > Toolbars.

If you want to integrate these legacy shapes into the Drawing toolbar,
that is possible via Tools > Customize. Search for "rectangle" and use
that one, that has command .uno:RectangleToolbox in the description, and
search for "ellipse" and use that one, that has command
.uno:EllipseToolbox in the description.

There had been some discussions, what to do with the "rounded corner"
part of the "Position&Size" dialog, if it is not applicable. It has been
decided, only to disable it. I would have preferred, that it is hidden.

In the beginning, there exists no UI at all for numerically setting the
handles of the 'custom shapes'. In the meantime you have a section in
the lower part of the "Slant and Corner Radius" tab of the
"Position&Size" dialog. The "Control point" fields can be used in most
cases to numerically set the position of a custom shape handle. Only
more than three handles and radial handles (those modify an angle)
cannot be set with these fields. The values are coordinates relative to
the left/top corner of the rectangle/parallelogram, which you see, when
you have selected the shape.

I consider it a deficit in the Draw User Guide, that it does not clearly
distinguish the different kind of shapes.

And in regard to 'custom shapes', there is so much to say about them for
advanced users, that it would make an entire book. See for example the
wiki page
or for example, do you know, that the "Fontwork" shapes are 'custom
shapes' too, or do you know how to make your own 'custom shape'?

In regard to the Drawing guide: I'm sure you're a better writer than I
am. But if you need background knowledge on a special topic, I can most
likely help you.

Kind regards

Many thanks for your very detailed explanation. I am cc'ing the docs
list, to ensure other doc team members are aware of this.

Kind Regards