LibreOffice Forums Project Update

Finally, after going over all of the opinions (collected during the period of Sept. 27 - Nov. 15 2012), here are the results of the choice of the LibreOffice Forums categories (below). Unfortunately, in our assessment, there just did not seem to be enough support for starting out small (with breaking out more categories as the need becomes apparent), but, more support for categories as based on the LibreOffice modules. If we find there are "dead" categories after a trial period (as of yet undetermined ), later on, we can always collapse these "dead" categories into compatible categories. However, we do have a clear determined commitment on the part of the 5 co-coordinators (Jonathan Aquilina, Lucian Oprea, Joel Madero, Marc Paré, Jean Spiteri) to make the forums categories work.

The next step is to, contact those who have shown interest in becoming moderators on the forums, as well as invite others to join the moderation team. You will find a description of the moderator role on the wiki for information[1].

We are also working on the forums rules/etiquette, and will soon start populating the forums site with the categories and going through tests. There may still be some tweaking to be done with the forums code to make it work as well as possible. As yet, there is still no projected date for the opening, but it is coming.

Many thanks to all those who participated in the discussion. We really appreciated your help.


LibreOffice Forums Categories

General Forums

* General Discussion
* LibO Goes Social (category name is only temporary)

Installation & Configuration of LibreOffice

* Installation on Win
* Installation on OSX
* Installation on Linux
* Installation on others

LibreOffice Applications

* LibO Writer
* LibO Calc
* LibO Impress
* LibO Draw
* LibO Base
* LibO Math

Extensions LibreOffice

* Extensions
* Templates
* Macros and UNO API (and any other)


Contributor categories

* No contributor categories until there is a formal request from a contributor list. Note that "Marketing" and "QA" were the only contributor lists where some of their members spoke clearly in favour of having their category on the forums.

Administrator Categories

* Forum for Admin (NO NEED FOR MODERATORS)
* Forum for Moderators (NO NEED FOR MODERATORS) :slight_smile:




(For Jonathan Aquilina, Lucian Oprea, Joel Madero, Marc Paré, Jean Spiteri)