LibreOffice Forums Categories Proposal

FYI, there is a post on the discussion list regarding a LibreOffice forums categories proposal. As you may or may not know, we are readying a forums solution for LibreOffice users and contributors (for those lists who wish to have a forums of their own; or, for those lists who are unsure and would like to try out a forums for a while alongside their mailing list). In order to keep the noise down in the lists, I have posted the proposal on the discuss list without including the mailing lists in the address part of the email.

Keep in mind that this is a proposal, thus, changes will be made to the forums where there is consensus. We would like to keep the main discussion of this topic on the discussion list as well as make any decision regarding changes from feedback on the discussion list. Feel free to join in on the discussion or to contact any of the LibreOffice co-coordinators if you have any questions.

You can find the proposal as well as useful links here [].


Marc Paré
Forums co-coordinator