LibreOffice Extensions-Site: Renovation


first sorry for crossposting, but I want to reach as many project
members as possible. The further discussion should take place at the

The LibreOffice extensions website is currently running on Plone with an
add-on called Plone Software Center. There were a discussion to renovate
the extensions site some weeks ago. I started my work on new content
types in the mean time. I created this new types in a new add-on for
Plone that is based on Dexterity content types. This types are more
future-proof because Dexterity creates smaller files, less overhead and
will be the future of Plone.

I created the following hierarchical structure of content types (current

  * ExtCenter
  * ExtProject
  * ExtReleasesSection
  * ExtRelease
  * Downloadablefile

The first four types are of the container class. The general
configuration is done in the ExtCenter (e.g. LibreOffice versions,
platforms etc.).

Independent from the CMS, that we use for the
reimplementation/renovation I would like to discuss with you the
structure of the new extensions site, the fields that are displayed in
the different pages (e.g. a project page, a release page, a downloadable
file page) and the information (fields) we would like to fill in the

I published already two screenshots of the new types on my blog
They are pure Plone default layout. If we choose to go further with
Plone a new layout will be added once the content add-on is finished.

But I would like to discuss the structure of the new extensions site and
the information (fields) - in the edit-form and in the public page of
each content type on the website-list. My current work is only a first