LibreOffice Documentation Mailing List - Sender eMail Address state replies
should be sent to poster unless they are considered of general interest.
Many people seem to have the opinion ALL posts should be sent to the
mailing list.

Regardless, I'd prefer to receive all posts from the poster's name<> so a reply goes back to the mailing
list by default rather than manually redirect almost every reply. Maybe
there is good reason it's not like this (I don't generally subscribe to
mailing lists).

Hi flywire

Of course YMMV. Personal matter should be kept personal.

However the contents of the mail related to the work we do is - in general - of public interest.

For example, a questions related to the book or software. The mailing list will reach more people than a private mail and the answer can come faster, often richer, from the mailing list subscribers.

Write for a public audience forces to carefully choose words in respect to a multi-cultural community.

Finally, TDF's mailing lists are also an archiving service, and this is important.

Kind regards