LibreOffice Base Guide 6.4

Hello Everybody,
I have prepared the full book for Base Guide 6.4 and the pdf can be
downloaded from:-
This is the first time I prepared a full book, so I might have made many
mistakes. Please check it for any mistakes.
Pulkit Krishna

Hello Jean,
I have corrected all the mistakes you pointed out and have uploaded the new
file to Nextcloud.
I will add the files to the wiki after a few hours.

Pulkit Krishna

Hello Everybody,
Base Guide 6.4 has been published! I have uploaded the book to the wiki and
also uploaded it to the extension page(to be moderated first). The pdf can
be downloaded from-
and the odt can be downloaded from:

Pulkit Krishna

Hi Pulkit, Based guide team!

I Have approved the publication.

Thank you all for the landmark!