LibreOffice Base Guide 6.2

Hello Everybody,
The 2nd review of macros chapter has been done by jean-Pierre Ledure. Jean
Webber can now take it for formatting. That would not take more than 2
days, so I think the base guide 6.2 would be published in the first week of
Pulkit Krishna

I have taken this chapter (BG6209) to work on the formatting and check
the English.
I will also look at BG6207, which Dan has been discussing in another
thread. I agree with Dan that the limitation on personalized
salutations should be mentioned.

When I have finished with both chapters and everyone has stopped
arguing about them, shall I compile the book?
P.S. Please note the correct spelling of my surname.

Jean Weber

Hello Jean,
Sorry for arguing. I also have taken the note of your name's spelling. But,
can you wait for a day before you take BG6207? I want to look at to first.
Then you can review it once again then compile the final book.
Pulkit Krishna

Hello Everybody,
I have taken a look at the file BG6207 reviewed by Dan. When he wrote that
he has rewritten the whole section of mailmerge due to the bug of
salutation, then I thought that he meant about substitute of the mailmerge
wizard or a different set of steps which does not include salutation. But
he has not done so and has included a not to address that bug. I have no
problem with that. Infact I also suggested this I think. I have moved the
chapter to the drafts folder after accepting all the changes.

Jean: Now, you can take both chapter 9 and 7 from drafts folder, review
them, upload it to the published folder and compile the final book. I think
you have downloaded the file of ch.7 from the feedback folder. Then, FYI I
have not made any change in that file, I have just accepted all the
changes. So, you can continue using that file for your review also.
Pulkit Krishna

OK will do. Jean

I have finished formatting Chapter 9, Macros. I corrected many small
typos and other errors but did not record those.
I did record a bigger change to the info on customizing a toolbar in
the "Securing your database" section (p. 64), which had an out of date
image of the Customize dialog.
I also left several questions about things I did not understand.
The file is in the Feedback folder for BG6.2.

I will work on Chapter 7 now.


I have done final formatting/reviewing/editing of Chapter 7 and placed
it in the Published folder. I tidied up some of the English, mainly
typos and some missing words.
I will start compiling the full book and drop in Chapter 9 when it is finished.


Thanks Jean, I will take a look.
Pulkit Krishna