Libre Office on Windows 10 32 bit

On my computer, Windows/Microsoft won't show Libre Office as an option to
open PDF or HTML documents (Email Invoice in HTML). Tried uninstall and
define/simplify installment in Programs, not Programs (86), like it was
before, when only Programs, not Programs (x86) or similar wasn't listed or
recognised as a path to open Libre Office. After that it opened easily.
Once only. Next time it had made the path even worse: C:\Program
Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\LibreOffice6.4 I wrote in that,
and it wasn`t found, neither was LibreOffice, LibreOffice6.4, or
LibreOffice 6.4 found in Programs, This PC, Libraries or anywhere else.
Please find solution on Microsoft's refusal to accept other programs than
Microsoft products, even after setting up the machine to accept any program.
The big challenge is that the machine changes location of non-Microsoft
programs to more difficult to find by default.
I cannot change to Linux Mint because not my PC. And I believe we need to
overcome this challenge, not just give up & change to Linux.
Gunnar Gervin.