Jean’s January plans

Hello, team! I hope you are continuing to be well and are looking forward
to a busy year. Here are my plans for January.

1) When Peter publishes the Draw Guide, I will produce the print edition.

2) I will publish the book mentioned in my previous note (macOS edition of
Writer Guide), either as an official LO book or as my own.

3) I have started work on the v7.3 editions of GS and WG and hope to get
many chapters out for review quickly. I will mark the status spreadsheets
and ask people to update some of the chapters if needed; you probably know
who you are.


Hello Team

Happy New Year to you all and enjoy it as best you can.

Draw Guide 7.2 is four chapters away from being published. The copyright statement will be January 2022.

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team