Welcome Vikram. I assume you worked through to the wiki finding the link. I'm
sure one of the coordinators will reply to guide you through an induction.

Please make the most of your first impressions of LibreOffice products.
These are a valuable resource to documentation writers and it's something
most of us can't do, but you can because you are still familiarizing
yourself with the products. I'd encourage you to always open the
documentation in a format you can add notes to and pass the notes on to the
documentation team, with or without proposed actions. Notes about how clear
the documentation or examples are, especially if something
unexpected happens. Soon enough you'll be familiar with LibreOffice and
you'll lose this ability.

Thanks for the advice. I've been mostly using Writer and Calc, so I can
start there. Are there any particular parts of the docs that would need


The more developed functionality with more users is less likely to have
problems. For example, Base is less developed with fewer users so working
identified a few inconsistencies with the and tutorial. See
for more tips.