- Introduction

Hello everyone,

I'm Felipe Viggiano, an Electrical Engineer from São Paulo, Brazil and I
would like to contribute to this beautiful project.
I believe that the effort you guys are doing can really make a difference
in giving access to good quality softwares to a great number of people, and
being part of it is a great honor for me.
This is my first participation in something like this, so I am still
getting used to how this works. I would appreciate any tips about where to

Thank you very much,
Felipe Viggiano

Hello Felipe


You can start here and follow the link on writing books.


If you have a specific subject you want to work, please let us know.
People use to start reviewing chapters of one of these books

Spreadsheets, Word processor, Databases, Drawings and Presentations,
Equation editor

and then work on updating contents, write new contents and so on. Each
book has a leader that will advise you.

Kind regards


Thanks for the tips Olivier,

I will begin by reading and commenting on the LibreOffice Writer 6.4
documents, since I am more familiar with it.
And I hope, in the future, to get evolved with the 7.0 version as well.

Best regards,
Felipe Viggiano

Welcome, Felipe,
Good to have you reviewIng Writer Guide 6.4 chapters. For this round,
please focus only on technical correctness and glaring errors. Please
do not attempt to reorganise or rewrite, even when it’s obvious a
chapter needs serious work. You are welcome to flag issues for
revision for v7, but any major changes won’t go into this edition.
Please put your initials in the Checked out by column on the Status
spreadsheet when you take a chapter for review.

Regards, Jean

Hello Jean,

Thanks for the welcome!

I have taken Chapter 12 for a review, and updated the *Guide Status WG.ods*
as requested.

best regards,
Felipe Viggiano