Instructions for installing templates?

I know how to install new templates. What I want to know is if someone
has written instructions for installing them. If not, I will do so.

The info in the current user guides describes how to install
collections of templates that have been packaged as extensions, but a
quick look at the LibreOffice templates repository shows only
individual templates, which are installed through File > Templates >
Organize > Import Template.

I have checked out Ch3 of Getting Started and Ch10 of Writer Guide and
intend to rewrite some portions to make this more clear. The info on
importing templates is there, but not put in a clear context. (This
work will probably be relevant to the other books as well.) Our
contributors guide may need some updating, too; I'll check.


A trick I use to import a group of templates: I have a template
folder. (It might help more if the templates were organized into sub
folders if necessary.) Then when I browse to the templates I want to
install, I highlight the ones I want (Control+click will select
particular templates). When I click Open, all of the templates I
highlighted will be imported.
     I don't know if anyone else has ever thought to try this.


Hi :slight_smile:
Someone on the Users List has been having trouble trying to set-up a Style that can be used on lots of documents.  Would something like this trick do the job or should he just try the normal documentation about styles?
Regards from
Tom :slight_smile:

Dan's trick and my info below are about installing templates obtained
from elsewhere: not relevant to the user's problem as you describe it.

I would refer the user to the normal documentation about styles and
templates: GS Ch3 and/or Writer Guide Chapters 6, 7, 10.


Hi :slight_smile:
Ok, thanks :slight_smile:
Regards from
Tom :slight_smile: