Infra call on Tue, Sep 18 at 16:30 UTC

Hi there,

The next infra call will take place at `date -d 'Tue Sep 18 16:30:00 UTC 2018'`
(18:30:00 Berlin time).

The meeting will take place at .
See for details. Here what
we have in the agenda at the moment:

  * New infra status page (powered by cachetHQ)
    + Meant to give users a quick overview, not to replace the more
      verbose internal infra metrics
    + Atom & RSS subscription
    + 24 HTTP sites monitored at the moment (status code only) + graph metrics
      for the website
    + Metrics and outages are automatically filled using the cachet API;
      scheduled maintenance can be added too, and text/status can be edited
    + Advertise the page at LibOCon?
  * Single Sign On
    + Auth method switched from SilverStripe's own backend to SAML 2.0
      on the LibreOffice & TDF websites (SS3/newdesign)

See you there!