Info on Notebookbar configurations?

Is there a document describing and explaining details of the various
notebookbar configurations?
I've seen what's in the Help and the release notes, but I want
something to point people to, that is more detailed, descriptive and
explanatory, and that collects all the info in one place. Sorry if
I’ve overlooked something in the publications.
If it doesn’t exist, I will write it, but I don’t want to duplicate
effort. Too many other things to do!

Hi team,
I can’t find any response to my question from 3 March, though I could have
missed it. Now that I’ve finished updating the Writer Guide, I’m again
considering this new document.

I expect it would be approximately the length of a typical chapter in a
user guide, so it could perhaps be included in the Getting Started Guide.

Any thoughts on this? Especially if someone else has already done it, or
something similar.


Hello Jean

Raul Pacheco da Silva from the team in Brazil wrote a chapter on the notebook bar for the Impress Guide and can also be used in the Getting started guide. However it is in Portuguese and has not been reviewed.

In case you want to use it as a starting point for the subject (perhaps using machine translation) the file is located in

LibreOffice Documentation/Brazilian Portuguese/Guia do Impress/7.0/Primeira Tradução/IG7014-InterfacedoUsuario.odt

Kind regards


Hello Jean and Olivier
Thanks for the info about the Notebook bar and the Impress Guide. I shall download the Portuguese file and machine translate, then incorporate in the next version of the Impress Guide.
However, I have seen some good intel that Apple maybe dropping the Notebook bar from the Mac range. It does not a have good reviews amongst Apple users. I have not seen or used one yet so have no opinion on its usefulness.
Is the LibreOffice Notebook bar the subject of the Portuguese Notebook bar chapter?


Peter Schofield

Hello Olivier,
Thanks, I have downloaded that file, which looks like a good place for
me to start. Machine translation seems to be going well, though much
editing will be needed. It's giving me some ideas for a more general
chapter and for the Writer Guide.

Hello Peter,
I expect to finish the first pass of machine translation later today.
I can send you the translated file as a starting point for your work,
to save you needing to do that. In addition to editing, I think much
additional explanation will be needed; but that is of course up to
you. Most of the chapter is too Impress-specific for my immediate


Thanks Jean
I would have to rely on Google Translate. I get reasonable results when I translate Polish.

Peter Schofield

Hello Jean and Olivier
I have a quick look at this notebook bar and user interface draft. Not
impressed at the moment.
For one the use of notebook bar confused me being a Mac user.. Could the
name be changed to something more appropriate so users can easily recognize
what it is for?
Why is this draft chapter using Chapter 3. In Draw Chapter 3 is Working
with Objects. Suggest this draft chapter is placed at the end of the guide
as it is customization. Could possibly become an appendix?
Will be able to investigate more in-depth next week when I am back home.
Presently lying in a hospital bed recovering a successful minor op.
Let me know your thoughts.
Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

I’ve now written an early, rough draft of a document (for Writer) titled
“User Interface Variants”, though right now it mostly consists of notes on
things for me to look up or write more about. :slight_smile: I’m learning a lot, and
I’m enjoying the chance to write something new in addition to all the
updating I do. I’ll let the list know when a draft is ready for review. I
also need to think about what subset would go well in the Getting Started
Guide. Most of the details are component-specific.


Hello Jean
Please let me when your rough draft is available and where I can download a copy. I shall then use as a base to create the User Interface chapters for Draw Guide 7.1 and Impress Guide.
The Impress Guide will probably be an update to version LO 7.2 by the time I have finished the Draw Guide 7.1.
Looking forward to creating something new.

Peter Schofield

Here is a link to the draft (no longer rough). Let me know if you have
any improvements or questions. - Jean

Hi Peter,
Need a file a bug report on that, instead of a note to me or to the list.