improving our Plone sites


Andreas Mantke has spent a large chunk of his time to set up various Plone sites that are extensively used by the project (thank you so much for your ongoing work on this!). While these sites genereally perform quite well, there are some areas that definitely need improvement, and probably some work on the main Plone code.

TDF's board is currently evaluating options of involving an external party to improve the most pushing items in due time. For that to happen, Andreas, Christian and myself would like to compile a list of needs and wishes, but also of bugs and problems, that currently occur on the extensions and templates website. (For ODFAuthors, FrODeV is in charge, and for the conference, we will not use Plone anymore in 2014.)

If you have feedback on this, please add your items to

We will review and prioritize those, to come up with a first batch of things to be done. Please be sensible with your wishes - this first round is for targetting the most urgent needs and problems, and not for a complete rewrite of the pages. :wink:

For discussions on this project, feel free to use the mailing list.

Thank you very much,